Shima Chayvet – Master of Reiki Masters

Shima Chayvet

Shima has devoted her life to helping others. A career path in home care and her own health issues led her to years of studying and research which eventually led her to open a small Health and Wellness Center in Ossining called Infinite Possibilities.

The premise of the business is a body cleanse where clients can have immediate weight loss in proportion to their body. The combination of a 2,000 year old methodology of acupressure, reflexology and food that can be purchased in a local grocery store has amazing and sustainable results. More importantly it is the elimination of processed food and Shima’s research from a holistic platform that has assisted thousands in the ability for their doctors to reduce and eliminate previously prescribed medications and to restore wholeness to the body, mind and spirit. Reiki, at the client’s request has also been incorporated into this process.

In 2008 Shima left her 18 year career in home care as the Vice President of Business Development and devoted herself entirely to Infinite Possibilities. At the client’s request Reiki continues to play a role but has also spurred the establishment of a separate business, Universal Healing Arts Connection Inc.

Shima attended Georgian Court University and received certification in Holistic Health Studies. She also studied at the University of Madrid, Pace University and privately studied with Libby Barnett and Gene Krackel, a renowned Energy Healer who continues to guide Shima on her journey. Shima is deeply interested in Quantum Physics and is an avid reader of Gregg Braden and Deepak Chopra to name a few.

Having studied acupressure, reflexology, aroma therapy, energy healing and crystal healing as well she loves to incorporate these modalities into her practice.