We are a full service holistic community offering our neighbors a full spectrum of services including:

Holistic Weight Loss

A New and Healthier You – Weight Loss Through Body Cleanse!

Struggling with weight loss issues for years this program was designed and created by Shima Chayvet after many years of extensive research,  trial and error.

Infinite Possibilities, Inc. has been in existence for 18 years and  is committed to helping you achieve the optimum health balance to your diet and ultimately to your life. Our programs are designed to cleanse the body returning it back to a natural state of being. The belief is that natural food consumption is the way to go. The cleanse is done by the elimination of processed foods and the introduction of only eating nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, organic milk and honey. The most amazing thing is that many of the illnesses people come in with, whether it is high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc., seem to disappear quickly, even before a person loses a substantial amount of weight. Through wholesome, life-sustaining education and an available support team, you will find health, peace and happiness. We believe that all beings are entitled to a higher standard of living – and it is for this reason we provide affordable care so you can achieve this goal.

Call us at (914) 788-9355 to attend a FREE Orientation! Also, visit our webpage to see phenomenal transformations


Reiki healing sessions can be as powerful in a chair for stress relief as being on a Reiki table for a total healing of body, mind and spirit. Before a healing session we discuss the best and most comfortable environment for you from lighting, music to aroma therapy. You are our number 1 priority and  the center focus is you. Your experience is designed for your optimal benefit.

$150 first visit



Reiki classes are taught by Master of Reiki Masters Shima Chayvet.

This certification class in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 allows students to practice in facilities after class as well as friends and family as a Reiki practitioner. Students are invited to attend Reiki Circles on a regular basis at no cost and to continue to be mentored by Shima Chayvet. Class fee includes all materials you will need on your Reiki journey.




Akashic Records


Soul Realignment Readings Investment: $175.00

Holistic Health Counseling Call or email for specific pricing.

Life Situation Readings Investment $125.00

Property Clearings Investment: $125.00

Relationship Readings  These readings are not exclusively for romantic relationships, they can also be conducted for parent/child, siblings, business partners etc. Investment: $200.00

Spirit Guide Readings Investment: $135.00

Manifestation/Profession Profile Readings Investment: $135.00

Coaching Packages

Spirit Guide Coaching Available  Call or email for specific pricing. Packages are payable in installments of 1-4 payments.

12-Week Soul Coaching Available Call or email for specific pricing. Packages are payable in installments of 1-4 payments.






Tarot readings and dream interpretations – Come and explore what opportunities may be available to you through Tarot readings and dream interpretations.

$135 per hour

Home consultations for cleansing – Do you ever feel that something is just not quite right with your living or work space? Alexis can help you to determine what the issues are and offer guidance that can result in putting things back in order.  If your consultation results in her going to your home you can set a fee at the time of your consultation.

$85.00 per hour



Balance Mind & Body Massage

Traditional Swedish Massage

60 min/$100.00   90 min/$150.00   2 hrs/$200.00

Deep Tissue Custom Massage

60 min/$100.00   90 min/$150.00   2 hrs/$200.00

Hot Stone Massage

  90 min/$150.00

Aromatherapy Massage

60 min/$100.00   90 min/$150.00   2 hrs/$200.00

Prenatal Massage

60 min/$100.00

Sports Massage

60 min/$100.00

The Complete Relaxation Treatment

90 min Massage followed by foot reflexology



30 min/$50.00

In Home Massage

60 min/$150.00




“For the whole person to be healthy your mind needs to be free of negative thoughts and the body free of unwanted stress. Your body has to be nurtured, strengthened and free of toxins. Your spiritual self has to be developed and aware. When any one of these personal aspects is not performing optimally, one’s ability to function optimally is affected.”

 $100.00 10 pack or  $15.00 for a “drop in”




This 4,000-year-old practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy,  promotes healing by integrating a meditative combination of movement, controlled breathing, sound and visualization. Its soft nature, incorporates repetitive, relaxing, gentle exercises that are fit for individuals of all ages, even including those with physical limitations. It can be mastered by all and easily be integrated into your daily life. By incorporating total body movement, it also engages, challenges and strengthens all of the body’s muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments.  This practice also forms the basis for Tai Chi.

Our QiGong-Tai Chi instructor, Sifu Gary Renza, has over 30 years experience in Chinese Healing and Martial Arts. He teaches with a passion and an enthusiasm that is quite evident when you enter the event room. Very recently Sifu Gary has had a book published called the Healing Field which is now available on Amazon.

$75 4 week class pac

Drop in $20



Seasonal Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is a type of yoga where postures are held for an extended period of time (1-5 minutes). This allows us to get deep into our fascia, ligaments, joints, and meridians. Come Balance your Energy (Meridians) with a winter focused Yin Yoga Class. The long dark days of winter can lead to physical stagnation, fatigue, and hibernation. This Class targets both our kidney and urinary bladder Meridians. Come let go of the things that no longer serves us, in order to create space for growth and for new life to flourish in the spring.

$15.00/Class (Mats provided free of charge)