Reiki Circles

Reiki Circles are held monthly for previous students and if you like bring a friend!

reiki circles reiki circles reiki circles reiki circles

At Reiki Circles everyone has an opportunity to share their experiences with Reiki and ask questions.

We also do a Meditation for Loving Kindness and hold space for those who need distant Reiki.

There is also a period of time where everyone has an opportunity to work with a previous student.

It is a great way to meet like-minded people and to forge new friendships.

The more we know the more we grow to become better Healers.

Be friends with the Mystery!!

At every Reiki Circle practitioners are introduced to a new form of information and healing.

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Be Friends with the Mystery…

Reiki Workshops

Universal Healing Arts Connection hosts a variety of workshops on various topics and modalities. Our most recent guest speaker was Gene Krackhel.

Gene Krackehl

Gene is an acclaimed Energy Healer, teacher and musical composer. He has lectured extensively and has documented breakthrough discoveries handling stress, fear, grief and anxiety, which are revealed in his award-winning book, “You are the Healer”. Renowned for his ability to fix broken hearts, people have traveled all over the world to experience his healing energy. For more information visit

Some pictures from our workshops

Reiki Workshop Reiki Workshop Reiki Workshop Reiki Workshop Reiki Workshop Reiki Workshop