Reiki Lineage

One of the people that Takata Hawayo trained to be a Reiki Master was John Harvey Gray. This name is important as in 1979 he attuned Libby Barnett, who is Shima’s teacher and mentor to Reiki 1 and 2, Reiki Master and Master of Reiki Masters (FYI-Libby attuned me to all three.).

Another one of the 22 Reiki Masters was Barbara Lincoln McCullough. Barbara trained Judy-Carol Stewart of Houston, Texas and the 35th Reiki Master who attuned Libby Barnett to Reiki Master.

Libby’s close connection with these original teachers inspired her to preserve the integrity and authenticity of this ancient form of healing. These values were passed down to Shima.

As you can see from the background described above you are receiving the gift of Reiki – the ability to heal yourself and others through Universal Life Force Energy with a rare and very close connection to the Mikao Usui and the original 22 Reiki Masters.

The Original Reiki Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata

  1. George Araki
  2. Barbara McCullough
  3. Beth Grey
  4. Ursula Baylow (deceased)
  5. Paul Mitchell
  6. Iris Ishikura (deceased)
  7. Fran Brown
  8. Barbara Weber Ray
  9. Ethel Lombardi
  10. Wanja Twan
  11. Virginia Samdahl (deceased)
  1. Phyllis Lei Furumoto
  2. Dorothy Baba (deceased)
  3. Mary McFaden
  4. John Harvey Gray
  5. Rick Bockner
  6. Bethel Phaigh (deceased)
  7. Harry Kuboi
  8. Particia Ewing
  9. Shinobu Saito
  10. Kay Yamashita (Takata’s sister)
  11. Barbara Brown

Your Reiki Lineage

Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki Master

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Reiki Master

Mrs. Hawayo Takata

Reiki Master –1938

Barbara McCullough

Reiki Master

Judy-Carol Stewart

35th Reiki Master –1985

Libby Barnett

Reiki Master –1979

Shima Chayvet

Reiki I & II -2005
Reiki Master -2006
Master of Reiki Masters -2008


Reiki Master

John Harvey Gray

Reiki Master

Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki Master