The History of Reiki

Reiki was discovered in Japan around 1850 by Mikao Usui. It is believed that he was from a wealthy family as he traveled to China and Europe for his education and only the wealthy could afford to do this for their children. This opportunity led him to become secretary to the head of the Department of Health and Welfare and later he became the Mayor of Tokyo. At one point when Usui’s personal and business life was failing he went to Mt. Kurama where he had been before to meditate, hopeful that he would discover the answers to his problems.

reiki image

The story as told was that after 21 days of fasting, praying and meditating, Mikao Usui was struck by a blinding light where he saw the Reiki symbols. He did not understand the meaning of these symbols until on his way down the mountain he stumbled, hurting himself and bleeding, he put his hands on himself and was healed! These symbols became part of the Reiki practice and attunement process.

During class we discuss in greater length how Mikao Usui eventually taught Reiki to a doctor and naval officer, Cujiro Hyashi and how Hyashi eventually came to train a woman, Takata Hawayo in Reiki as well.

In 1973 Hawayo Takata came to the West to California and initiated 22 people to become Reiki Masters. The list of these people who became Reiki Masters were given to her sister before she passed away.