Gene Krackehl, LLC 

Gene is a renowned Hands-on Energy Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Healer & Advisor, Reiki Master, and an Ordained Interfaith Minister who has been doing distance healing his entire life. Formerly on staff at Northern Westchester Hospital’s Center for Health & Healing, he now devotes all of his time to his own healing practice in Katonah while collaborating with therapists, Hospitals, MD’s and other health care professionals on a wide range of clients and conditions.

For well over 20 years his workshops have been given in large corporations, organizations, colleges, holistic centers, libraries and in many Continuing Education programs throughout the Northeast. Gene’s very popular workshops at Westchester Community College have spanned well over a decade, and have attracted many people from all walks of life transforming them into healers.

​Gene has testified successes in working on people with cancer and documented breakthrough discoveries in helping people deal with stress, release fear, grief and anxiety. Gene is acclaimed for his ability to fix broken hearts—which he usually accomplishes in just one session. People have flown in from all over the world to experience Gene’s unique healing energy and it has earned him the reputation of being called “The Amazing Healer™.”

Events hosted at UHAC: Healing for the Heat: Secrets Revealed, Group Past Life Regression, Sacred Circle: For Healers, Group Healing: Unparalleled Blend of Sound, Meditation & Energy Healing


Roland Comtois

A clear-sighted, spiritual medium, a compelling, inspirational speaker, host of the podcast “The Wisdom Keepers”, and TV Show “Soul Stories”, and author of Signs of Spirit, And Then There Was Heaven, 16 Minutes, and co-authored: 365 Days of Angel Prayers.

Roland’s newest book, Signs of Spirit about the development of Roland’s signature Purple Papers, tells stories of love lost, love found and the connection between loved ones that extends into infinity. For over 40 years, Roland has reached many along his vocational path from physical to spiritual healing. He has worked as a geriatric nurse, Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher and grief specialist. The healing modalities and messages that he shares nurture and balance mind, body and soul. Roland’s daily commitment is to help people find comfort in life in spite of overwhelming loss, to show how to move beyond grief and to pass on the message that eternal love is genuine. He is the founder of the Living Beyond Loss Conference, now in its 11th year. Roland is in negotiations with several television and multimedia outlets to showcase his signature Purple Papers.

Events Hosted at UHAC: Medium Roland Comtois & His Signature Purple Papers, Signs of Spirit Book Signing: Roland Comtois & his signature Purple Papers








Lisa Salvatore

Like many intuitives, Lisa is creative and uses several different modalities when it comes to offering guidance and perspective.  Aside from being an intuitive tarot reader and instructor, she’s also a crystal loving Reiki Master, astrology junkie, certified health and wellness coach, nature loving -fitness freak and a foodie who loves to cook – amongst other things. Like she always says, no one is “just” anything.  We are all unique and have many gifts to share.

Events hosted at UHAC: Full Moon Ceremony; Intro to Learning How to Tarot; Readings


Itzhak Beery 

Itzhak Beery is a leading international shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist and author of The Gift of Shamanism; Shamanic TransformationsShamanic Healing. Since1995 Itzhak bridges the spiritual and practical wisdom his indigenous teachers entrusted in him with a forthright contemporary approach relevant to our stressful and unbalanced modern times. Itzhak lead groups on healing expeditions to the Andes and the Amazon of Ecuador and Yucatan. He was initiated into the Circle of 24 Yachaks by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and by Amazonian Kanamari Pajè. He has also trained intensively with other elders from South and North America.

​Itzhak is the founder of ShamanPortal.orgThe Andes Summit and co-founder of the New York Shamanic Circle, he is on the faculty of Kripalu Center, New York Open Center, The Shift Network, SoundsTrue, CoSm, Evolver, and staff teacher at Omega Institute. He received ‘Ambassador for Peace Award’ from The Universal Peace Federation and the UN. His work has been featured in the New York Times, films, TV, and numerous webinars.

Events hosted at UHAC: Visions Healing


Daniel Lauter

Daniel Lauter has facilitated workshops in Meditation, Mindfulness, and the therapeutic use of Sound for over 30 years. He is certified as an Integrative Music and Sound Practitioner within the field of the Healing Arts. Additionally, as an educator he holds a Masters in Educational Technology, and is dual certified as a Technology Integration Specialist and Music K-12.

A consultant for top independent schools in New York City on Mindfulness Programs, he has presented conference workshops at the European Collaboration of International Schools, The National Association of Independent Schools and regionally in NY, CT, PA, NC. Daniel created a multi purpose media studio at the United Nations International School in New York City, purposed to be both a surround-sound mixing studio and meditation space. Here he facilitated Mindfulness and Meditation professional development workshops and meditation weeks for teachers, and a high school meditation club, while providing a space for students to develop new methods for managing stress and maximizing energy.

Following a classical music conservatory education in New York, he pursued further studies at the Center for Interdisciplinary and Experimental Art in San Francisco. A multi-instrumentalist, Daniel has performed with a variety of vocalists, ambient ensembles, original jazz/funk groups, and lead prominent punk band Rx in throws of the San Francisco scene. He has collaborated with and had compositions used by transpersonal awareness teachers, musicians and artists internationally including Anna Halprin, Margot Anand, Gabrielle Roth, Steven Halpern, Suru Ekeh, Burrigan Jerome and others.

Daniel founded multi-cultural gallery ‘Modern Rites/Ancient Waves’ in Larkspur, California in the late 1980′s. While there his practice in sound-based healing began, co-producing dreamtime workshops with indigenous elders from nations including Aboriginal Australian, Huichol, Pomo, Yoruba. He was one of the first to pioneer experiential performances with the vibrational qualities of Crystal Bells in the United States, and has developed an extensive palette and collection of Sacred Sounds which he brings to his work. This includes didjeridu, crystal bells and gongs, Tibetan and Himalayan bowls +.

More recently Daniel has branched out to incorporate his meditative writing style into poetic meditations and guided meditations. His work is online on SoundCloud, and Apps – Insight Timer, and Omvana. He has also produced meditative electronic and beat-based recordings.  His is in development with a meditation sound playback app called Meditation DJ. His writings, as part of the Illuminating Mindfulness series, include ‘Abundance to Zen: A Mindfulness Dictionary, with 321 mindfulness and meditation terms, and ‘Where Skipping Stones Pause’. The latter consists of twelve introductory differentiated mindfulness practices and the Mindful Child Storytellings, which are wonderful tools for both home and classroom settings. He continuously composes and produces beautiful soundscapes for Meditation and Mindfulness practices. Daniel is also featured on the modern lifestyle TV series “The Better Man Show”, as Mindful Dan.

Daniel Lauter’s personal and spiritual journey has included Medicine Buddha Empowerment with Gelek Rimpoche;  received Medicine Buddha Transmission from Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje; Medicine Buddha, Tara, Sarasvati and Vajrayogini Empowerments from Lama Migmar Tseten; and Medicine Buddha, Chakrasamvara and Body Mandala Empowerments with Sakya Trizin.

Events hosted at UHAC: Sound Healing


Margaret Doner

Margaret Doner, LMT was certified by Dr. Roger Woolger Ph.D. as a Past Life Regression Therapist in 1996. Since that time she has been also offering spiritual life coaching and angelic channeling. Her work combines hands-on healing, past life regression, spiritual coaching and angelic messages as well as assisting those who feel they are struggling with the challenges of psychic attack. It is Margaret’s belief that every life challenge can be utilized as a ladder to release fear and ego attachment, increase wisdom and knowledge, and raise our vibrational frequency through unconditional love. Mastery is not running from the darkness, but staring it straight in the eye and remembering that Light is more powerful than Dark. Spiritual masters go through the “dark night of the soul” to emerge with less fear and more wisdom. Do not be afraid of the shadow; utilize it as your teacher and you will become its master…not its slave.

Events hosted at UHAC: Intro to Angel Channeling


Alfonso Alexander

With over a decade of experience accrued on his own spiritual journey combining ancient and modern therapeutic modalities with his precise intuition, Alfonso Alexander believes that by accessing the multiple bodies you inhabit, the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, etheric and energetic. Alfonso supports that journey to move further into alignment, reconnecting with source to bring the body to its original intent. He specializes in infusing your unique journey with insight, developing your spiritual gifts and guiding you to be the change you want to see in the world.

Events hosted at UHAC: Crystal Grid Workshop