Children’s Events & Classes

The Dali Lama once said that if every child practiced meditation each day there would be world peace…

Reiki for children is based on the history and understanding of this ancient hands on healing technique. Every child is attuned and receives a beautiful certificate for Reiki I. Children learn to meditate through a guided visualization and learn about compassion for all living things. They also have an opportunity to learn self- Reiki and how to bring themselves back to a state of homeostasis if they are upset. The class also participates in learning how to heal others by intention and hand positions. It is an atmosphere of peace, no pressure and an opportunity for them to be with like- minded people and to learn about mindfulness. It is a great way for them to make new friends and to meet once a month to practice and to share their experiences. It is a wonderful way to learn how to interact with the outside world especially when not everyone is nice.

Art can help kids be more mindful and focused. It encourages creative thinking and improves self esteem. Plus it’s fun!

Design your own Wish Flags to hang on trees, learn Indian Gond painting, decorate colorful Inspiration Rocks, or create Sunburst Watercolors. Projects vary every class!

Join Storyteller Aaron Mace and explore the mystery, adventure, and wisdom of age-old folktales.

Each Saturday will focus on stories from a different continent with a mix of activities to round out the experience.

Our Family Yoga class will allow us as parents/caretakers to spend some quality mindful time with our little ones. Our class is 45 minutes long. Little flower yoga includes in each class activities that develop your connection, breath awareness, movement, focus, and relaxation.

Classes include activities such as yoga poses, story telling, crafting, and more. Come experience yoga and mindfulness in a fun interactive class.