Shima Chayvet – Master of Reiki Masters

Shima has devoted her life to helping others. A career path in home care and her own health issues led her to years of studying and research which eventually led her to open a small Health and Wellness Center in Ossining called Infinite Possibilities.

The premise of the business is a body cleanse where clients can have immediate weight loss in proportion to their body. The combination of a 2,000 year old methodology of acupressure, reflexology and food that can be purchased in a local grocery store has amazing and sustainable results. More importantly it is the elimination of processed food and Shima’s research from a holistic platform that has assisted thousands in the ability for their doctors to reduce and eliminate previously prescribed medications and to restore wholeness to the body, mind and spirit. Reiki, at the client’s request has also been incorporated into this process.

In 2008 Shima left her 18 year career in home care as the Vice President of Business Development and devoted herself entirely to Infinite Possibilities. At the client’s request Reiki continues to play a role but has also spurred the establishment of a separate business, Universal Healing Arts Connection Inc.

Shima attended Georgian Court University and received certification in Holistic Health Studies. She also studied at the University of Madrid, Pace University and privately studied with Libby Barnett and Gene Krackel, a renowned Energy Healer who continues to guide Shima on her journey. Shima is deeply interested in Quantum Physics and is an avid reader of Gregg Braden and Deepak Chopra to name a few.

Having studied acupressure, reflexology, aroma therapy, energy healing and crystal healing as well she loves to incorporate these modalities into her practice.


Grisella Ramos Santiago, LCSW PC

My name is Grisella. I am a New York state licensed clinician with over 15 years of experience working with issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship and general life issues. I have learned in my years of working with a diverse group of clients that we are all searching to become whole in all aspects of our lives. Because of this, I have expanded my clinical practice to a HOLISTIC THERAPUTIC EXPERIENCE which includes Akashic Record readings, I  can utilize not only my clinical skills, but also your personal akashic record information to assist you in knowing yourself at soul level in order to help you understand why certain unhealthy patterns keep reoccurring in your life and how to make positive changes to help you live your best life, the life you were meant to live. I work with my clients on a weekly, and biweekly basis supporting them on their path to wellness. I offer in person and remote services. Based on your specific needs.


Michele Lent

Through experience Michele Lent has learned that massage is not only a means of income, but also serves as her passion.  Massage is what inspires her to stay grounded, while she fulfills the need to help others. In search of a new beginning and wanting to leave behind the stress of her previous employment, she decided to change her lifestyle and her profession to be able to focus on something that would be inspirational and beneficial to herself and others.

She enrolled in the Finger Lakes School of Massage and found this to be a place where she not only received an amazing education but also contributes her evolvement as a person to everything she learned while studying there. Michele graduated and received her NY State License as a Massage Therapist. Michele’s Certifications include: Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Hydrotherapy. Some of her specialties include Prenatal, Swedish, Medical, Sports and Deep Tissue Massages. Michele also offers Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Hot Stone and Teen Anxiety Massages.


Linda O

Let Linda’s wisdom and intuition guide you to your own connection with the Divine. Linda is a certified Reiki Master who feels blessed to be healing for over 25 years and has studied at the School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, New York. Treat yourself to a session and experience the loving connection brought forth by Linda’s guiding hand.


Itsa Aravena

Itsa wanted to spread the spiritual benefits of Yoga, as it had been very beneficial to her in her personal life especially when she was younger. In 2013 Itsa was certified as a Bikram Yoga Instructor.  In 2015 Itsa had a car accident that fractured her neck and Yoga was there to heal her through this period of her life. After her pregnancy in 2017 Itsa became certified in “Baby Om” and became an instructor, which is Yoga for post-natal women and their new babies. In 2018 she took level 1 of “Little Flower Yoga” at River Stone, which is Yoga for children and young adults, which eventually led her to become trained in Yin Yoga. There was no stopping Itsa and her interest in fitness brought her to becoming an AFAA Group Exercise Instructor where she specialized in both perinatal fitness and midlife fitness for women. At Universal Healing Arts Connection under Reiki Master, Shima Chayvet Itsa became certified in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. Itsa is a dedicated student and teacher who is full of love and committed to bringing peace and balance into everyone’s day.


Itsa Aravena



Ali Alvarez 

Ali Alvarez stumbled into the healing world as she was grappling with how to handle the destructiveness of an eating disorder. The slow journey back from this dark edge brought her lovingly into the worlds of yoga, meditation, bodywork, visualization and process work as well as Reiki and Cranial Sacral Balancing. All of these modalities became layers upon each other bringing more light and clarity into her own healing process.

We do not receive just one opportunity to handle a crisis, we receive many teachers in the form of challenges. When faced with the death of a marriage, Ali found herself walking on fire at a Tony Robbins 4 day event. This became the birth of curiosity of the mind, and truly how powerful we are. She explored birthing with a doula training after the challenges of childbirth with her son. A lifetime of journaling and dream-catching brought a deep interest in channeled writing and archetypes of symbolism. She spent time at The Esalen Institute in California working with Laura Day, a highly recognizable intuitive, to work with her own intuitive development. Healing, growth and process work can be quite subtle, simple and profound. Sometimes all we need are some good basic tools and to be shown the direction to move in.


Kay Harel

I am a certified as a yoga teacher in July 2019 under the auspices of the international Original Hot Yoga Association. I fell in love with yoga in 2005 after many years as a gym rat. Doing yoga makes me feel good, both on the mat and off. As a teacher, my reward is seeing students glow and grow. My experience includes five years writing a weekly blog on yoga for bodenyc (previously known as Bikram Yoga NYC). I must confess though, that I have not taught my dog the “up-dog” and down-dog” postures…. I am delighted to serve wellness as a member of the staff at the UAHC.


Sifu Gary Renza

As quoted by the Hudson Valley Martial Arts Orginization,

“Sifu Gary Renza has been actively involved in the Chinese healing and martial arts for the past 30 years. He has competed in numerous tournaments, is a published writer, lecturer, herbalist and one of the most sought after teachers in the tri-state area

Sifu Renza has extensive training in the Chinese martial arts including Northern and Southern Shao’lin Ch’uan, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Hsing-I Ch’uan, Pa Kua Chang, Ching Na and Chinese Kenpo. He is also well versed in Taoist and Buddhist meditations and philosophies as well as the healing arts of Chi Kung, Chinese medicine, Tui Na and Chinese herbology. He has also written articles for some of the leading martial arts magazines in the country.

Over the years Sifu Renza has received numerous awards for his excellence and perseverance in the Chinese martial arts. At the present time Sifu Renza is teaching in the Cold Spring and Cortlandt Manor regions in southern New York.”


Melissa Mace

Melissa studied traditional photography at Rochester Institute of Technology which led her to live and work in NYC for several years working as an independent Photo-Illustrator for a variety of magazines.

A photo-retouching career currently allows her to live in the Hudson Valley and work remotely with commercial clients and individuals.

Her life long interests in nature, art, energy work, and metaphysics combine with her digital photography skills to create an on-going body of art entitled “Enfolded Nature: The Symmetry of Unbounded Time” (

Melissa is trained in Reiki Level 2 and is a graduate of the Debra Silverman Astrology School.

Her greatest inspiration is connecting with nature and practicing all of her learned modalities (yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, EFT/Tapping, Energy Medicine, Kundalini yoga, Astrology and breath work) to keep in alignment with a balance of light and space within our inner reaches of outer space.


Aaron Mace

Aaron Mace discovered his passion for storytelling and children’s education in 2004 as a Film Educator and Teaching Artist at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY. Aaron developed and taught programs in filmmaking, photography, animation, and storytelling. He worked closely with master storyteller Bill Gordh for a decade to bring the art of storytelling into local elementary schools. This is where his love for ancient folktales from around the world found a way to come alive and be expressed through his present-day personality. With guitar in hand, Aaron brings these stories to life in an interactive, fun, and engaging way for kids of all ages.
In 2019 Aaron graduated from Pace University with a MST in Childhood Education and has begun a new journey as a 3rd grade teacher in the Ossining, NY public schools.


Holly Horner-Lovegrove is an Artist, Reiki Master and High School Art Teacher of 25 years.

She seeks to inspire students to re-connect with their inner artists. She is currently offering two Watercolor Workshops. The Chakra Watercolor Workshop introduces students to the colors associated with the Chakras while they explore the associated feelings through guided meditations and the creation of Watercolor Paintings.  The Mandala Watercolor Drawing Workshop which engages artists in the creation of a personal Mandala for meditation purposes. Artists will look at a variety of cultural Mandalas and become inspired to create their own. When the pencil and ink Mandala drawing is complete, artists will paint them using watercolor pencils.


Karen M. Shaw

With a childhood background in Gymnastics & Weight Training, Karen’s goal as a yoga teacher is to guide her students to reach their full potential.  Through years of extensive training and personal experience with her own health and the health of her clients, Karen uses different modalities ranging from the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of each individual person.

“For the whole person to be healthy your mind needs to be free of negative thoughts and the body free of unwanted stress. Your body has to be nurtured, strengthened and free of toxins. Your spiritual self has to be developed and aware. When any one of these personal aspects is not performing optimally, one’s ability to function optimally is affected.”

Karen’s journey started out as a Certified Personal Trainer/Aerobics Instructor through the American Fitness Association of America 30 years ago.  Since then Karen’s unparalleled teaching approach started in 1998 as a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher through the Usui System of Natural Healing, and an Ordained Interfaith Minister.  While living on the west coast Karen studied yoga under Brian Kest Power Yoga, YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide and Shamanism under the Huichol Indian Tribe of Mexico.  In 2009 when Karen left the west coast, she became an appointed Shaman.