Shima Chayvet – Master of Reiki Masters

Shima has devoted her life to helping others. A career path in home care and her own health issues led her to years of studying and research which eventually led her to open a small Health and Wellness Center in Ossining called Infinite Possibilities.

The premise of the business is a body cleanse where clients can have immediate weight loss in proportion to their body. The combination of a 2,000 year old methodology of acupressure, reflexology and food that can be purchased in a local grocery store has amazing and sustainable results. More importantly it is the elimination of processed food and Shima’s research from a holistic platform that has assisted thousands in the ability for their doctors to reduce and eliminate previously prescribed medications and to restore wholeness to the body, mind and spirit. Reiki, at the client’s request has also been incorporated into this process.

In 2008 Shima left her 18 year career in home care as the Vice President of Business Development and devoted herself entirely to Infinite Possibilities. At the client’s request Reiki continues to play a role but has also spurred the establishment of a separate business, Universal Healing Arts Connection Inc.

Shima attended Georgian Court University and received certification in Holistic Health Studies. She also studied at the University of Madrid, Pace University and privately studied with Libby Barnett and Gene Krackel, a renowned Energy Healer who continues to guide Shima on her journey. Shima is deeply interested in Quantum Physics and is an avid reader of Gregg Braden and Deepak Chopra to name a few.

Having studied acupressure, reflexology, aroma therapy, energy healing and crystal healing as well she loves to incorporate these modalities into her practice.


Holly Horner-Lovegrove is an Artist, Reiki Master and High School Art Teacher of 25 years.

She seeks to inspire students to re-connect with their inner artists. She is currently offering two Watercolor Workshops. The Chakra Watercolor Workshop introduces students to the colors associated with the Chakras while they explore the associated feelings through guided meditations and the creation of Watercolor Paintings.  The Mandala Watercolor Drawing Workshop which engages artists in the creation of a personal Mandala for meditation purposes. Artists will look at a variety of cultural Mandalas and become inspired to create their own. When the pencil and ink Mandala drawing is complete, artists will paint them using watercolor pencils.


Melissa Mace

Melissa studied traditional photography at Rochester Institute of Technology which led her to live and work in NYC for several years working as an independent Photo-Illustrator for a variety of magazines.

A photo-retouching career currently allows her to live in the Hudson Valley and work remotely with commercial clients and individuals.

Her life long interests in nature, art, energy work, and metaphysics combine with her digital photography skills to create an on-going body of art entitled “Enfolded Nature: The Symmetry of Unbounded Time” (

Melissa is trained in Reiki Level 2 and is a graduate of the Debra Silverman Astrology School.

Her greatest inspiration is connecting with nature and practicing all of her learned modalities (yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, EFT/Tapping, Energy Medicine, Kundalini yoga, Astrology and breath work) to keep in alignment with a balance of light and space within our inner reaches of outer space.


Aaron Mace

Aaron Mace discovered his passion for storytelling and children’s education in 2004 as a Film Educator and Teaching Artist at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY. Aaron developed and taught programs in filmmaking, photography, animation, and storytelling. He worked closely with master storyteller Bill Gordh for a decade to bring the art of storytelling into local elementary schools. This is where his love for ancient folktales from around the world found a way to come alive and be expressed through his present-day personality. With guitar in hand, Aaron brings these stories to life in an interactive, fun, and engaging way for kids of all ages.
In 2019 Aaron graduated from Pace University with a MST in Childhood Education and has begun a new journey as a 3rd grade teacher in the Ossining, NY public schools.


Grisella Ramos Santiago, LCSW PC

My name is Grisella. I am a New York state licensed clinician with over 15 years of experience working with issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship and general life issues. I have learned in my years of working with a diverse group of clients that we are all searching to become whole in all aspects of our lives. Because of this, I have expanded my clinical practice to a HOLISTIC THERAPUTIC EXPERIENCE which includes Akashic Record readings, I  can utilize not only my clinical skills, but also your personal akashic record information to assist you in knowing yourself at soul level in order to help you understand why certain unhealthy patterns keep reoccurring in your life and how to make positive changes to help you live your best life, the life you were meant to live. I work with my clients on a weekly, and biweekly basis supporting them on their path to wellness. I offer in person and remote services. Based on your specific needs.


Itsa Aravena

I started to practice Bikram Yoga in October, 2011. I was in the midst of battling with anger, depression, and anxiety. After hearing about Bikram Yoga in a course I took in college, I was determined to start. I knew I needed something new and different in my life. I was aware that I needed to improve myself. Yoga became my home, my peace, my love. I was able to stand in front of myself, look into my eyes..and know that no matter what I had been through in life – the good, the bad, the happy, and the sad… everything was going to be alright. I was able to see the truth within me.  Being aware of the truth, I was able to look at myself and realize who I really was with acceptance, without judgement, attachment, regret, or disappointment. With my practice I was able to achieve this day by day. I knew that no matter how my day was, I had a place where I could detached from all my worries and stressors.

I realized how my life had improved ever since I started Bikram Yoga. I knew that I wanted to be able to improve other individuals lives, just like mine was improved. I wanted to spread yoga to all of those in need of healing, where for its physical, mental, or spiritual benefits. Shortly after, in the spring of 2013, with the help of Bikram Yoga Yorktown, my home yoga studio, I became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor.

Once this journey started it allow me to grow in many ways. Yoga continues to heal me and allows me to find my balance daily in every way you can imagine. Yoga helped me heal through a car accident in 2015 that fractured my neck. Yoga was there to support me through my first pregnancy in 2016. And yoga continues to guide me through the path of love, light, and acceptance.

Through yoga, and my eagerness to learn and expand my knowledge, I have taken many courses. After my pregnancy in 2017 I got certified as a “Baby Om” instructor, which is yoga for postnatal women and their new babies. In 2018, I took a level 1 training of  “Little Flower yoga”, which is yoga for kids and young adults. Furthermore, after being introduced to Yin yoga at Bikram Yoga Yorktown, I did a training in 2017 called “Yin 96”. Compare to Bikram yoga, Yin is a more meditative practice and restorative, where we completely relax and let go. I also became interested in fitness so I decided to become a AFAA Group Exercise Instructor and specialized in both perinatal fitness and midlife fitness for women.

Through my journey, many opportunities have come across my path, on January of 2019, I was asked to cover a A Full Moon Yin Yoga class at Universal Healing Arts. There I had pleasure of meeting Shima. The sweetest angel I have ever met. I must say, she was definitely sent from above so I could continue my growth. Here, at Universal Healing Arts, I took both Reiki Healing Level 1 and 2, which I’m still new to, but love the universal healing energy we can provide to others and ourselves. With Shima’s help, my family (mom, dad, brother) and I started her Infinity Possibilities programWhich is Shima’s detox/weight loss program. My family and I have never felt better before. I must say, this place has allowed me to continue my growth, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Presently, At Universal Healing Arts, I teach Yin Yoga, Family Yoga, Prenatal yoga, and a Toning Class.

My goal as an instructor/teacher is to bring balance and peace into your day. I teach with a mind and a heart full of love and understanding. In our constant search for peace and balance. I know that life is full of ups and downs and that everyday is a different day on our mats. I hope to see you in one of our classes!


Itsa Aravena

2013 Bikram Yoga Instructor

2016 Bachelor of Arts in sociology

2017 Baby Om (mommy and me yoga)

2017 Yin 96

2018 Little flower yoga (kids yoga) level 1

2018 AFAA group exercise instructor

2019 AFAA perinatal fitness

2019 AFAA midlife fitness for women

2019 Reiki Healing level 1 and 2


Michele Lent

Through experience Michele Lent has learned that massage is not only a means of income, but also serves as her passion.  Massage is what inspires her to stay grounded, while she fulfills the need to help others. In search of a new beginning and wanting to leave behind the stress of her previous employment, she decided to change her lifestyle and her profession to be able to focus on something that would be inspirational and beneficial to herself and others.

She enrolled in the Finger Lakes School of Massage and found this to be a place where she not only received an amazing education but also contributes her evolvement as a person to everything she learned while studying there. Michele graduated and received her NY State License as a Massage Therapist. Michele’s Certifications include: Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Hydrotherapy. Some of her specialties include Prenatal, Swedish, Medical, Sports and Deep Tissue Massages. Michele also offers Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Hot Stone and Teen Anxiety Massages.


Kay Harel

I am a certified as a yoga teacher in July 2019 under the auspices of the international Original Hot Yoga Association. I fell in love with yoga in 2005 after many years as a gym rat. Doing yoga makes me feel good, both on the mat and off. As a teacher, my reward is seeing students glow and grow. My experience includes five years writing a weekly blog on yoga for bodenyc (previously known as Bikram Yoga NYC). I must confess though, that I have not taught my dog the “up-dog” and down-dog” postures…. I am delighted to serve wellness as a member of the staff at the UAHC.